We are part of the Church’s mission and place Christ and the teaching of the Church at the centre of our lives. We assist our parents in helping them to understand their faith. Home, school and parish are a strong partnership in developing the religious, spiritual and moral development of our children. As a school we contribute to the ‘common good’ of society and its culture. Each member of our school community is expected to contribute to the good of society, in the interests of justice and in the pursuit for the poor’.

One of our strengths is ‘The Golden Thread’. As a school community, we look at The Common Good – what do we do to make a difference? How can we use our gifts and talents as individuals and in our community?

The children have a clear understanding as appropriate to their age of Catholic Social Teaching and The Common Good. Respect and value of each member of our community are central to everything we do – houses, buddy system, celebration assembly; children are leaders using their gifts and talents.

During Advent and Lent the children are keen to support others less fortunate than ourselves. The children are actively involved in acts of service, understanding the theology underpinning their words and actions.

Pupils actively engage in supporting those in need and are pro-active in creating ways to respond to crises locally, nationally and globally – Harvest Festival (Homeless in Barnet), KISS (Uganda). FSSA (Zambia). The children are involved in a number of initiatives to raise funds for a number of charities such as CAFOD, Catholic Children’s Society, NSPCC, Help the Aged, Homeless in Barnet, local children’s hospice, Great Ormond Street, Barnardos (Big Toddle), Marie Curie and Cancer Relief.

The school also promotes events such as Black History Week by inviting speakers/performers into the school and block planning for the event. At one of our Open day the over arching theme was taken from Nelson Mandela and the ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ an area of study linked to their RE/Catholic Social Teaching project for this half term. Every year group took this theme and linked it with further study of ‘freedom and justice’ using topics or subjects covered in their RE Curriculum or as part of their ‘Global Citizenship’ learning – so there was interpretation of Biblical Themes – from Old and New Testament but also from History topics and social/cultural themes.

Our children are aware of the wider national and international communities through our work with CAFOD. We are keen to promote our links with ‘Mission Together ’, Catholic Children Society and FSSA Zambia.

Our broad and balanced curriculum promotes community cohesion by teaching the children about other faiths and cultures.

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