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French at St. Catherine’s

Although not statutory until Year 3, at St. Catherine’s children begin French in Year 1 as we firmly believe that younger children pick up language very readily. French lessons continue for every class until the children leave us at the end of Year 6. Lessons in Year 1and 2 are practical and based around songs, rhymes, familiar stories and animations. In Year 3 the children start to occasionally write in French through for example labelling things, and as children continue to gain independence, confidence and skill in Key Stage 2, more written work is done. However in all year groups French lessons provide opportunities for active, learning and pupil participation through games and activities involving speaking, listening and having fun. Lessons last from 20 minutes in Year 1 to an hour in Year 6.

The lessons in Key Stage 2 follow the government guidelines for languages learning and at St. Catherine’s we use a number of different resources including Language Angels, Lightbulb Languages and Francais Francais.

This Term In…
Year 6 the children have been learning to use context and cognates to decode longer texts containing untaught vocabulary, leading them to be more independent learners. The theme has been “La Seconde Guerre Mondiale” (The Second World War) and they have listened to some fast paced texts and risen to the challenge of following and understanding them. There has also been focus on grammar through identifying parts of speech, recognising verbs with endings in the past tense, and on pronunciation whilst reading aloud. By the end of this topic they will be writing a letter from an evacuee to their parents in French.
Year 5 have been studying Les Vetements (Clothes) in French. They have deepened their understanding of several grammatical concepts including indefinite articles, gender, singular and plural, adjectival agreement and possessive adjectives. The children were able to revise earlier work done on the weather in the autumn term by linking what they like to wear in different weather conditions. They also learned a song about going on holiday and packing a suitcase in French and enjoyed singing along to it “kareoke style”.

Year 4 the children have been learning to introduce themselves and find out about others in French. They have enjoyed practising their conversational skills by asking and answering questions about where they live, their ages and names. They have also been practising numbers to 20 in French, including how to spell the words for them.

Years 2 and 3 have been working on the delicious theme of “Les Glaces” (Ice Cream). They have taken part in a wide variety of speaking and listening tasks associated with the ten ice-cream flavours and are now working towards ordering an ice-cream from an ice-cream parlour/van. In terms of grammar the children understand that nouns are either masculine or feminine in French. The children have been practising their reading skills too and know that often there are silent letters on the ends of words and that “ch” in French sounds like “sh” in English.

Year 1 in French the children have been learning “Les Salutations” or Greetings. They have enjoyed getting to know some fictitious characters and asking them, “Ca va?” or “How are you feeling?”. The children painted their favourite fruits last term and these are on display in 1F’s classroom. The display provides a stimulus for ongoing conversations about “Les Fruits” (our previous topic) as they choose their fruit at break times on Wednesdays.


You can try some of these Websites at home with your children:

KS1 “Up To Ten” is available in French  is a fun website for children to use at home. The children love Boowa and Kwala who are the main characters and there are songs to learn and games to play on a wide range of themes.

Lower KS2  BBC Primary Languages

Upper KS2 BBC Bitesize KS2 French is useful

Dominique Carruthers-Reeve

July 2021