Our St Catherine’s Curriculum is ambitious for all our children. It is an aspirational, broad and rich curriculum that develops the children’s understanding and skills. Our curriculum is taught in a relevant context and builds on individuals’ real-life experiences, creates high levels of engagement and active learning.

Each subject is contextualised to meet the needs of St Catherine’s children. A common component of our curriculum is that it is taught in a logical progression, systematically and explicitly enough for all pupils to acquire the intended knowledge and skills.

We believe the focus we have on reading and fluency is the key to unlocking the rest of the academic curriculum for all our children, including those who are disadvantaged and those who have special educational needs and disabilities.

Our children are provided with a range of cultural capital experiences through trips to the theatre to museums, environmental parks, the beach and Houses of Parliament. They listen to speakers from a range of organisations such as Catholic Children’s Society, the Police and even Olympians. During the school day, our children also experience Forest School teaching where they spend time outside in a woodland environment learning how to saw, whittle, make fire and build dens together. This opportunity promotes a holistic development of all those involved fostering resilient, confident, independent and creative learners.

As a result of our St Catherine’s curriculum and our approach to its delivery our children show high levels of respect for others, and demonstrate outstanding learning behaviours.

Through a range of learning experiences and opportunities our children leave St Catherine’s having made a tangible contribution to the life of the school and the wider community. They have a strong commitment to becoming valued caring members of society where British Values guides their actions and behaviour.

EYFS Curriculum Overview