Faith is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be discoveredCardinal Vincent Nichols

The Diocese of Westminster is one of the smallest dioceses in England and Wales in geographical area, but the largest in terms of Catholic population and priests. The diocesan boundaries include the London Boroughs north of the River Thames, between the River Lea to the East, the Borough of Hillingdon to the West, and including the County of Hertfordshire to the North.

Our school has its own distinctive mission statement which expresses its shared sense of purpose. ‘ Loving and Learning together as Jesus taught us’.

Fundamental to that purpose is the belief that every person is made in the image and likeness of God and finds fulfilment in God alone. Our  mission is to seek the ongoing development of every pupil and young person and to promote their well-being and freedom. This vision shapes the daily life of the Catholic school as a community in which faith is expressed and shared through every aspect of its activity.

Through the pattern of daily prayer, through the celebration of the sacraments of the Church, through works of charity, through a striving for justice in all it does, our school seeks to be a catechetical community in which the content of the life of faith is shared. To fulfil the mission of their school, our school governing body seek to engage enthusiastic and committed  teachers to provide leadership, inspiration and challenge to their pupils and students.

Our school has strong links with the Diocese through school visits to Westminster, TenTen Theatre, Courses for both teaching and non- teaching staff.

The Education Service provides professional support for our School , support for  our Head Teacher and our Governing Bodies.

Many resources can be found on the Diocese of Westminster Website to support teaching and learning.

The Diocesan Policy on Religious Education (2012) commits the Diocese to support schools in implementing the requirements of the Curriculum Directory and other norms of the Bishops’ Conference. In recent years this Diocesan support has focussed on agreeing and developing a fuller understanding of the national Levels of Attainment and in improving the teaching of Scripture.