“An understanding of the natural world is a source of not only great curiosity, but great fulfilment.” Sir David Attenborough.

Our small woodland area, within the grounds of St Catherine’s, provides the ideal space for our pupils to
experience Forest School. We believe that children gain so much from being outdoors in nature, whatever the
weather. Each year group has a time-tabled Forest School session on a rotational termly block throughout the
year, allowing them to experience the different seasons within a natural environment.

Forest School is a cross-curricular teaching tool that can be accessed from Early Years through Key stage 1
and 2 and beyond. Sessions are planned to allow our children to develop their independence and link well to
many areas of the National Curriculum, for example; Science – Studying plants, trees and wildlife including mini
beasts, (conservation work such as native bulb planting are also carried out), DT – Wood craft, tool use and
building structures, Geography – Seasonal changes and the weather, Maths – Measuring, estimating, problem
solving, building 3D structures, Art – Using natural materials, printing and bark rubbing, Literacy – Storytelling,
descriptive language development and instructional writing

Forest School also provides additional time in the school day for the children to be physically active. Research
carried out by the University of Edinburgh found that children’s level of activity on a Forest School day was
2.2 times greater than active school days and 2.7 times greater than inactive school days.

To allow the children to fully enjoy their Forest School session, we ask that they dress appropriately for the
weather i.e. wellies and a waterproof jacket when required