Governor’s Role and Responsibilities 2020-2021 and 2021-2022

Register of Business Interests


Mr Gordon Fisher

Committees: Admissions (Chair) & Resources

Background: CEO of plc company upto 2006, now Business management consultant, motivational speaker for Institute of Directors, volunteer for Young Enterprise and North London Hospice.

Personal Statement: This is a very special school, an outstanding school in every sense of the word. The privilege of being a Voluntary Aided Catholic School may not always be appreciated. I see my job at the school, apart from the statutory requirements, as being part of a vibrant Governing board that will ensure the school, it's fabric and reputation continues to maintain its great momentum.
Father John McKenna

Committees: Catholic Life

Christian Meditation for children and parents each week; Classroom masses and Feast day celebrations.

Personal Statement: It is a real privilege and a joy to serve the spiritual needs of the school, parents, children and staff.
Father David Pember

Committees: Catholic Life

Background: Information to follow

Personal Statement: Information to follow
Mr Peter Moger

Committees: Resources (Chair) & Admissions

Background: I have worked in the art publishing business for the last 20 years. Since 2009 I have run my own business specialising in the supply of art based products and services to the museums and visitor attractions in the UK, Europe and USA. I am a parishioner at Vita et Pax and have served as a eucharistic minister for many years. I have two grown up children who both now work.

Personal Statement: St. Catherine's seems to be a wonderful environment for young children to learn in and the ongoing achievements are something that all the staff should be very proud of.

Having two children who have benefited from a strong catholic education, I am very keen to help other children to have a similar experience. I am looking forward to becoming more involved and giving support wherever the head teacher and other governors feel is most appropriate.
Sylvia Lehrian (Vice Chair)

Committees: Admissions, Resources & Catholic Life, Safeguarding

Background: Marketing Director/ New Business Development Director in the private sector for most of my career. I have also worked in the public and voluntary sectors in a number of capacities. With regard to voluntary roles - I have been Vice Chair of governors at a Catholic secondary school; Mentored with Young Enterprise; been involved with people with learning disabilities; Mental Health Act Manager.

Personal Statement: I am delighted to join the governing body at St Catherine's and be given the opportunity to support the Head and the Staff at the school in ensuring that all the children continue to be given a wonderful experience in their early years of education.
Mrs Alessia Errico (Chair)

Committees: Admissions, Resources and Learning & Achievement

We have been living in Barnet for 11 years; I have a Biochemistry MSc and PhD in human genetics. As a scientist, I have worked for Cancer Research Uk for 9 years to study what goes wrong in our body when cancer spreads and to help identify possible therapeutic avenues. In September 2013, I became editor of a clinical oncology journal at ‘Macmillan Science and Education’, ensuring the scientific quality of the content and supervising the different stages prior to publication. In June 2015, I will join Cancer Research UK as a Research Funding Manager, overseeing the results of their 15 centres and 5 institutes across the UK and ensuring that funds are distributed in line with Cancer Resaerch UK scientifc strategy.

Personal Statement: Education is a fundamental right for every child regardless of financial opportunities; as Parent Governor I will enthusiastically assist the school in building on its strengths, offering all our children the best start in their education path with a productive, challenging and happy environment that allows them to nourish and develop their talents.
Liz Reeve

Catholic Life

Background: I am married and have two children who currently attend St Catherine’s. I have been keenly involved in the life of the school since my eldest started in Nursery in 2011, as a class rep a number of times and as a helper on the PTA.
I’m a qualified teacher and taught in primary and secondary schools before opening my own business in 2004, which provides after school tuition to children. I employ fifteen people, including eleven teachers, and provide tuition to over 100 children weekly. For many years I was an active fundraiser for the charity Bloodwise, following my own battle with leukaemia in my early 20s, and I currently help with the children’s liturgy at St Gregory’s church on Sundays.

Personal Statement:St Catherine’s is an exceptional school. Our children are so privileged to have such committed staff educating them in a warm and nurturing environment. I became a governor in order to try and give something back and this role enables me to extend my interest and to work on behalf of all the children in our school community. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be involved with such a fantastic school, to support the staff and work with the governing body helping to direct and uphold the vision and growth of the school, ensuring “all-round” development and outstanding education for each and every child.
Ms Francesca Giacon

Committees: Catholic Life & Learning & Achievement

I started my working life in marketing and public relations. I took a break to bring up my three children. I then went on to gain a diploma in childcare and education and worked in a local Catholic primary school as a Learning Mentor. I was there for 16 years and found the job very rewarding. I believe I made a difference to the lives of a number of the children and their parents.

Personal Statement: I became a Foundation Governor in 2017 because I feel strongly that a good all round education is essential for the well- being of a child. I want to ensure that St. Catherine’s continues to provide this education and maintain its ‘outstanding’ status.
Peter Collins

Committees: Learning and Achievement, Catholic Life

Background: Information to follow

Personal Statement: Information to follow
Liam Hourican

Learning & Achievement

Background: Information to follow

Personal Statement: Information to follow
Fiona Winters


Background: Information to follow

Personal Statement: Information to follow
Serena Horgan


Background: Information to Follow

Personal Statement: Information to Follow
Miss Maureen Kelly (Headteacher)
Miss Una McAuley (Teacher)

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Academic Year 2023 – 2024

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Part I St Catherine’s sgd Virtual Mins – 25th February 2021

Part I St Catherine’s sgd Mins – 14th December 2020

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Part I St Catherine’s Sgd Mins – 13th February 2020

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Academic Year 2018 – 2019

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Part I – Signed Minutes – 15th November 2018

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