Welcome to the St Catherine’s PTA!

St. Catherine’s Parents & Teachers Association (PTA) has a long record of organising fantastic fundraising and social events, helping to create a strong, vibrant, engaged school community.

Who we are:

The PTA is a committee made up of volunteers from within the St Catherine’s community.  Over the years we have had great support from so many enthusiastic, hard-working parents, teachers, grandparents, friends and family members.

The main objective of the Association is, in partnership with the school and parents, to enhance the education and well-being of St. Catherine’s pupils by providing resources and activities for the children as well as augmenting the facilities provided by the Local Authority.

What we do: 

Our primary focus is to raise funds for the school to pay for resources, equipment, events and activities for the benefit of our children.

We do this by running a series of activities throughout the year. In the past, these have included Christmas and Summer Fayres, family quizzes, karaoke evenings, playground cake and book sales, used uniform sales, and much more.

Our major fundraising focus in recent years has centered aroundthe building of our Performing Arts Hub, a dedicated space in the school for music, dance, drama etc. We have made great progress towards the cost – we’re on the final stretch and the end is in sight!

In the past, our fund raising has contributed towards the development of the multi-use games area (MUGA) in the playground, helped to provide days out for children as they prepare to head off to secondary school and much more.

For more information about the purpose of a Parent Teacher Association, click here:  What is the PTA?

Getting Involved

We run a variety of fund raising activities throughout the year that bring our school community together.  We are always grateful for help and support. Without our fantastic volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to run ourevents.

Getting involved is easy – there are all sorts of ways in which you can help, depending on your time, interests and abilities.

If you are interested in supporting in any capacity, please:

  • click on this link  to Get Involved or
  • email your name, mobile number to ptastcatherinesschool@gmail.com, indicating if you are interested in either:
    • joining the PTA committee: to attend PTA meetings that take place termly to decide on fund raising activities, with additional sub-committee/event planning meetings in between; or
    • becoming a PTA helper: if you interested in helping without wanting to formally join the PTA

Why help the PTA?

  • The PTA is all of us – supporting the PTA is a way for parents and carers of the school community to come together to help create a wonderful environment for your child.
  • It’s fun –meet other families in a relaxed environment, and hopefully make new friends!
  • Participate in great events and activities –fun for children, for adults and for families. We get great feedback about how enjoyable these are.  Even if you can’t help out with the planning and event management, come along and help with the fundraising!
  • Fundraising – the work we do is hugely beneficial to raising funds for the school. Over the years, PTA funds have helped pay for lots of ‘extras’ that the school budgets wouldn’t otherwise stretch to.  Your help benefits your children, and everyone else’s, year after year.
  • Be a hero to your child! – our children love to see us involved with school activities. By joining or supporting the PTA committee you are not only helping to make a positive change but also demonstrating the importance you place on education
  • Set the direction of travel – the PTA Committee decides and plans the fundraising efforts. We always welcome new ideas. By volunteering, you can help to identify opportunities while putting your ideas, skills and hobbies to use for a noble cause

Contact us:

Please contact ptastcatherinesschool@gmail.com If you would like any more information.

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