On the PTA. we raise funds in a variety of different ways but one way to maximise the amount of money we raise is through Matched Giving/Funding.

What is Matched Giving/Funding?

An employer or company which has a Matched Giving/Funding programme would match an amount of money raised with your help at a school fayre or fundraising event. If you raise £200, for example, then the company would match that amount in a donation to the school, increasing the total raised to £400 with very little extra work. The company may impose an upper limit on its contribution.

What you need to do

1. An arrangement needs to be made ideally before the event date but it can also be organised shortly afterwards. The first step, therefore, is to contact your employer to find out if they operate a Matched Giving/Funding scheme.

2. Your employer should supply you with a form to fill in on which you specify which stall they are sponsoring. Alternatively you may be asked to supply your company with a letter from the school confirming which stall you are connected with and how much this has raised. A PTA member will be happy to help you with any aspect of this process as it can vary from employer to employer.

Matched Giving is quite an easy process and has the potential to increase dramatically the amount we raise at our fundraising events. If you think that you might be able to contribute to the school in this way, please contact Keith Brueton on 020 8440 4946 or any PTA member in the playground.