Our Mission

Loving and learning together as Jesus taught us

Our Vision

Our school will provide a loving, secure and stimulating learning environment, where everyone will grow in their faith journey and be inspired to be the best person they can be.

Our Aims

  • To value and encourage the whole school community to develop their God given potential
  • To nurture and support each child in their faith journey as a worshipping community
  • To promote and encourage the individuality of all, respecting ethnicity, attainment, age gender, disability and background.
  • To provide a learning environment and curriculum that is safe, stimulating, creative and challenging
  • To create a partnership involving school, home and parish and the wider community
  • To help each child develop a positive self-image with a healthy lifestyle to become confident individuals who will contribute to society
  • To instil a lifelong love of learning


Our Values

Love :- we show compassion towards each other

Faith :- we place our confidence, belief and trust in God

Integrity:-  we strive to be honest and truthful in what we say and do

Diversity:- we recognise that each individual is unique

Excellence:- we achieve our best in all that we do