Year 5 Prayer Service

On Wednesday morning, Year 5 shared their Prayer Service with Year 6 and their parents/ carers. The focus was Creation, which reflected the learning they had been doing in RE this term. They discussed the beauty of our world and how it is our responsibility, from God, and encouraged by Pope Francis, to take care of it and everything and everyone in it.

The children reflected on the gifts we are given by God and how we can use these to be ‘stewards of creation’. They shared examples of how saints such as St Francis of Assisi, St Martin de Porres & St Vincent de Paul used their gifts and love to take care of our beautiful world and those in need.

The Year 5 children spoke articulately and maturely when presenting and sung joyously. Their final song, From A Distance, ended the Prayer Service on an poignant note, inviting us all to reflect on how we can all follow God’s message and be ‘stewards of creation’.