St. Catherine’s provides termly, in blocks of 10, individual tuition for a variety of musical instruments. Tutors are supplied by the Barnet Education Arts Trust (BEAT) and run in conjunction with all the additional ensembles and music centres across the Borough.  The cost of instrumental tuition for students is determined by BEAT. Any changes to costs will be passed on. Currently there are teachers in school available for the following instruments:


Woodwind Flute Clarinet Bassoon Saxophone Oboe Recorder
Strings Violin
Keyboard Piano
Brass Trumpet  Trombone

All new and existing students who wish to  book music lessons will now be able to do this using the online booking system School Interviews. Parents will be notified in advance when online booking is ‘open and closed’ and will be sent an ‘event code’ to allow them to make their booking, view prices and terms & conditions. Please bear in mind if you are registering your child for either string, woodwind or brass lessons you will need to buy or hire an instrument. The school does not provide these instruments.

Existing students will be given priority for places available.  Places will then be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis after an initial assessment. Prospective students who are not allocated a place will go onto a waiting list. We will contact you when a space becomes available.

Please note by completing and submitting your online booking you are entering into an agreement with the school to provide termly music lessons which cannot be cancelled once confirmed. Confirmation is made by a charge being applied to your ParentPay account.

All Enquiries should be Directed to Please note this account is not monitored daily.