Year 5 Maths challenge 2024

Seth, Isaac, Diane-Sophie, Ryan, Liam, Gabriel, Thomas, Genevieve participated in a Year 5 Maths Challenge a few weeks ago.  Over 240 teams took part in this friendly, online, inter-school competition. The two teams demonstrated exceptional dedication and perseverance, working incredibly hard throughout the challenge. They were given an invaluable opportunity to apply their mathematical knowledge and enhance their teamwork skills.

On Wednesday, twenty-nine teams participated in the ultimate round and one of our teams made it to the final. St Catherine’s came 15th in the competition. The children displayed outstanding collaboration and reasoning skills, further improving their problem-solving abilities in Mathematics.

Participating in this competition not only allowed the children to apply their mathematical knowledge in a competitive setting, but also enabled them to sharpen their teamwork and collaborative skills. The event served as an excellent opportunity for them to practice strategies for solving mathematical questions and problems, while fostering an understanding of what it means to be part of a successful team.

Quotes from the children about their experience in the final:

  • “I had so much FUN!!!” – Seth
  • “It was really fun because the questions were so interesting.” – Isaac
  • “I enjoyed it because it tested my knowledge, and I liked working as a group to agree on an answer.” – Liam
  • “This was soooooo much fun; I particularly liked the question where you had to work out the shapes. This challenge really improved my teamwork skills and my ability to solve questions within time limits.” – Gabriel