Online Safety – 20/03/24– Online Challenges- Chroming

Chroming is when people breathe in chemicals like sprays, gases, and other things to feel high and has become a trend on apps such as TikTok. Recently, it was reported that an 11-year-old boy in Lancashire passed away after chroming at a sleepover. Chroming is extremely dangerous because it can harm your heart, lungs, brain, and how you behave. What’s even scarier is that this trend is spreading all over the world because of social media. In Australia, a 13-year-old girl died after breathing in deodorant spray at a sleepover. And in Ireland, a 14-year-old passed away after inhaling aerosol, possibly because they saw it on TikTok. The UK government made a new law in November 2023 to say that nitrous oxide, one of the chemicals used in chroming, is a drug, meaning that people who misuse it can get in trouble with the law. But some of the other things used in chroming, like glue and deodorant, are easy to find in shops, which makes it hard to stop people from using them this way. In addition to talking to your children about the dangers of risky behaviours, it’s essential to use tools like parental controls and safety settings available on different websites and apps. These tools can help you control what your children can see and do online, making it safer for them. You can also teach your children how to block and report harmful content and how to see less of it. Finally, remember to keep communication about the online world open with your children. Let them know they can talk to you about anything they see or do online without fear of getting in trouble.