Year 1’s Weekly Learning w/e 15/3/24

We’re excited to share some wonderful highlights from your children’s recent adventures! During their exploration of the space topic, they had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Science Museum.

Here, they were able to witness first-hand what they’ve been learning about in class. From observing real rockets to examining astronaut suits up close, they were fully immersed in the world of space exploration. But the excitement didn’t end there! They even had the chance to try on astronaut gloves, giving them a real feel for what it’s like to be part of a space mission. Throughout the visit, the children engaged in discussions about materials, exploring the composition of different objects and gaining a deeper understanding of their makeup. We’re incredibly proud of their enthusiasm and involvement in the learning process. These experiences not only enhance their education but also foster a lasting passion for discovery and exploration.

We’re grateful for your support in allowing your children to be part of this enriching experience. Seeing their curiosity and enthusiasm was truly heart-warming. Such experiences spark a lifelong love for learning and discovery.