Online Safety – Be Real

BeReal is a social media app that remains popular amongst young people. Every day at a different time, the app alerts users that it’s time to take a photo of what they are doing in the moment. The user then loads the photo and can decide whether they share it with friends or everyone. The only way to see other people’s photos is to have posted your own for the day. A new feature means that if users post on time, they have the opportunity to share another two posts throughout the day. Users can then react and comment on the photos of others. The idea of the app is that it shows real life rather than a perfect social media story as well as offering a limited amount to scroll through meaning less screen time (unless you use the discovery tab). On the discovery tab, children are able to see posts from users they don’t know which have the potential to contain harmful and inappropriate content as well as making it easy to connect with strangers. The app is made for people aged 13 and older and is therefore not suitable for primary aged children.