Royal Free Charity Fundraising

The children in KS2 were fortunate to be given a talk from Carla from The Royal Free Charity this morning. Carla explained to the children what the Charity does to help not only people who are sick or injured but the people who look after them as well. She shared a picture of her dog Nala who spends time with patients helping them to feel calm in what can be very sad and difficult moments. Carla showed the children a giant cheque for £105.35  which was the total amount of money St Catherine’s Choir raised last Christmas when they visited Barnet hospital. St Catherine’s raised the most amount of money out of all the schools who visited the hospital. The children asked Carla questions about the charity and learned how they can support others through actions, reinforcing their learning of Catholic Social Teaching. The St Catherine’s Chaplains spent some time with Carla afterwards to create a plan around how children at St Catherine’s can continue working towards helping others in our wider community.