Y5 Maths Challenge

Year 5 Maths challenge

A group of Year 5 children participated in a Maths challenge this week. This friendly, online, inter-school competition provided the children with a fantastic opportunity to apply their knowledge of mathematics and teamwork skills.

The hour-long heat was comprised of a set of four equally weighted rounds, each designed to test and challenge the children. These rounds involved general maths questions, an estimation round, a memory round (which was completed beforehand), and another set of general maths questions. Through these challenges, the children were able to put their reasoning skills to the test, further improving their problem-solving abilities in Maths.

Participating in this competition not only allowed our children to apply their mathematical knowledge in a competitive setting, but also to sharpen their teamwork and collaborative skills. The event served as an excellent opportunity for them to practice strategies to solve mathematical questions and problems, while also fostering an understanding of what it means to be part of a successful team.