NSPCC Number Day

Children throughout the school had a wonderful Number Day today.  Children were able to share their number with their class and explain why they chose their number.  Children then took part in a group activity with the number that was special to them e.g. what was the total of all the numbers in their group and which group had the greatest total.

Children enjoyed participating in ‘Who wants to be a Mathionaire?’ Children answered twelve challenging questions to collect points and by the end of the quiz the children had collected 1, 000, 000 points. Children enthusiastically worked with a partner to complete ‘Buddy’s Key Challenge’ by solving a variety of puzzles. In Reception, children printed different numbers using Numicon, created numbers on the junk modelling table and searched for numbers in the environment on a number hunt.

Key Stage 2 children took part in a friendly TT Rockstars competition ‘NSPCC Rocks’ that involved schools in the United Kingdom.  The competition will finish at 7.30pm tonight, children can still take part!