Netball v Christchurch

New season. New team. New expectations. New opportunities. That was our collective attitude as we kicked off the Netball season with an away match against Christ Church School last Thursday.

It didn’t disappoint. Hunger was in the air as our squad of 7 seven (Maria, Hannah, Darragh Ca, Lewis, Vashik, Mya, Amelia) took their starting positions on the court. With every step of the game, that appetite was satiated by quick passes, slick movements down the wing and swishes of the net as the ball flew through the hoop. It was a well-fought game between fairly equal sides. St Catherine’s led the scoring, but Christ Church kept biting at our heels. It would take grit, determination and resilience to see the game through.

Standing on the side lines, flanked by our enthusiastic travelling support, we watched the players – like ballerinas dancing gracefully across the metaphorical stage – put on an impressive show. When the curtain came down, our squad took a bow, triumphant with a worthy win! 5-4 to St Catherine’s. Whilst there is no ‘I’ in team, our player of the match was Vashik for relentless defending and intercepting and creating many of the chances for us to score.