TTRS England Rocks Competition

KS2 participated in a friendly TT Rock Stars competition involving schools in the United Kingdom. 187,079,415 questions were answered collectively by 377,972 children from more than 4,398 schools and 70,774 classes around the country! All children who participated in this tournament improved their recall and speed as the time went on.

The top three classes at St Catherine’s was 4S, 6G and 5MG.

The most valuable players for each class were:

3B: Maxwell, Noah, Alexander

3E: Matthew, James, Louisa

4K: Mia, Darcey, Lochlann

4S: Jenelle, Myles, Georgia

5G: Anne, Isaac M, Leo

5MG: Jason, Angel, Thomas

6S: Vashik, Damian, Malachy

6G:  Darius, Maria-Luisa, Eva

Please encourage your child to use TT Rock Stars at home. 10 minutes a day makes a huge difference in children mastering their times table and division facts. If you need the login details for your child, please speak to your child’s class teacher who will be more than happy help you.