Year 6 Weekly Update – 15/09/23

Dear parents/carers,  

Thank you for your support throughout our first week back. The children have made an excellent start to year 6 and it was wonderful to see so many of you at our curriculum meeting last week. 

Spellings – Suffixes -able and –ible 

New spellings will be sent in this email every Tuesday to be tested on the following Tuesday.  


  • ‘-able’ is more common than ‘-ible’.
  • The ‘-able’ ending is usually used (but not always) if a complete root word can be heard before it. In some cases the ending of the root word may change, for example. rely/reliable.
  • The ‘-ible’ root is common if a complete root word cannot be heard before it (but not without exception, for example sensible).
  • The ‘-able’ ending is used if there is a related word ending in ‘-ation’ for example, applicable/application


Word list: 
















Times tables  

Please encourage your children to use Times Tables Rockstars at home. If you are unsure of logins, let us know. We have a Year 6 boys vs Year 6 girls tournament running until Thursday evening.  

Your child also has access to Purple Mash for more times tables games as well as resources linked to other subjects.  

The learning for next week is: 

English: To write a diary entry in role as a character using a range of sentence types (Stanley Yelnats in Holes). To analyse a character and setting effectively using information from the text. To use direct quotes from the text to describe a character. 

Maths: To compare and order any numbers, to round numbers to 10, 100 and 1,000, to round any number and to know negative numbers. 

RE: To reflect on the importance of responding to the invitation to the Kingdom of God 

Art: We will use different mediums to create Day of the Dead artwork. 

Computing:  We will present information about Mexico on Digimaps and search online to find information. 

Geography: We will locate Mexico and explain the significance of latitude, longitude, equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere and the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.  

PSHE: To learn what makes a healthy diet and why this is important continued 

PE: CT: Gymnastics-matching and mirroring continued   Mr Reilly: Health and Wellbeing 


Please also find the login for the TenTen portal below: 

Username: st-catherines-en5 

Password: great-572 


Thank you for your continued support. 

Year 6 Team