Year 2 Weekly Update – 15/09/23

Dear Parents and Carers,

Year 2 have had a wonderful week, we have enjoyed our new class text, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch, which will be supporting our current topic, Beachcombers!  In this email, we have attached a recommended book list and knowledge organiser for this term, both resources may be used to further support your child at home.

TenTen: Parents now have access to our PSHE and RHE curriculum portal, TenTen. You can use this portal to see what we will be teaching and learning in upcoming PSHE and RHE units. The login information is:

Username: st-catherines-en5

Password: great-572

Spellings:  Weekly Spelling Assessments will begin from next week. These assessments will be very informal as the children continue to settle into Year 2, they will be carried out as part of a class activity and we are hopeful that the children will enjoy them!

This week’s spellings focus on contractions. Please practice the following words at home with you child focussing on the importance of the apostrophe in the word:







English: This week we started our new topic ‘Beachcombers’ and began to read and write about ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ story. Before reading the story, we made predictions by looking at the front cover. We spoke about what we could see and what we thought would happen. We focused on writing sentences using full stops and capital letters.

French: Please find attached to this email this term’s knowledge organiser from Madame Reeve.

RE: This week the children have been learning about how we are all chosen by God. They have thought about how special this makes them feel and how God might like us to behave to others.

Maths: This week, the children have been revisiting numbers to 20. While the children have already gone beyond this, the numbers from 11 to 15 often prove more difficult to understand, so this learning has provided an opportunity to revisit these numbers explicitly before moving on to look at numbers to 100 later.

Building on from this, the children have been counting objects to 100 by making tens. The children have been shown examples of objects that are grouped into tens and some that are not grouped, so they were able to recognise the benefits of making groups of 10 to count. This has helped the children to understand the structure of a number, for example 27 can be made up of 2 bundles of 10 straws and 7 more straws.

Please use the following resource at home to support your child with their understanding: Partitioning into tens and ones – Maths – Learning with BBC Bitesize – BBC Bitesize

PSHE: In our lesson this week, we focused on the story of ‘Austin’s Butterfly’. We used this as a way of promoting a “Growth Mindset”, the children learnt throughout the course of the lesson that we can always improve when provided with feedback that is accurately applied. It was wonderful to see the result of the children’s drawings of butterflies after taking onboard their learning partner’s advice.

Computing: In computing this week, we learned about e-safety and the Acceptable Use Policies for KS1, and agreed how we should use technology in school and at home by creating a class display.

Year 2 Curriculum Meeting Reminder: Our Year 2 Curriculum Meeting is at 9:00am tomorrow. If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, please refer to the Teams login information sent last week.


  • Please read with your child daily. Library books need to be returned every Monday.
  • School Trip to Shoeburyness Beach on Thursday 21st September 2023 – a packed lunch is required
  • PE days are Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Please return the Pick-Up Arrangement Form sent from Mrs Whatley

Kind Regards,

Mrs Fraser, Mrs Whyatt and Mrs Savva