Y6 Transition Trip

Last Friday Y6 visited Canada Villa in Mill Hill as part of their preparations for moving on to their secondary schools. The focus for the trip was being safe in the public domain. The children explored the following:

Public transport: We gained vital knowledge so that they can travel independently and safely on the bus, train and tubes (eg. getting a zip card, keeping away from the yellow line on the tube and not standing on the stairs of the bus).

Open water hazards: We learnt about how to respond to the dangers of falling into open water or if they observe someone fall into open water (eg. the importance of the flag colours at the beach, how shock affects the body, calling the emergency services on 112).

Fire hazards: We spoke about how to prevent fires from occurring, as well as how to react to a fire outbreak. Checking your fire alarm weekly was the first message!

Knife crime and gangs: we learnt about how knife crime starts with one bad decision. We discussed how to be careful whilst travelling on streets and that ‘knives ruin lives’.

Misuse of chemicals and drugs: we discussed the negative impact of smoking (both cigarettes and vapes) and the hazards of other toxic and flammable items like hairspray, if misused.

E-bikes and E-scooters: Finally, we learnt that the law for using an E-scooter is similar to the rules for people using a motorbike. We discovered that you need a license and insurance to use these in the public. We also learnt about the consequences if someone is caught using an E-scooter in public without insurance: lots of fines and points on a license that might not even exist yet!

This in an invaluable experience that the children engaged extremely well with. Well done Year 6!