Year 6 trip to the RAF Museum

On Friday 26th May, Year 6 embarked on a thrilling trip to the RAF museum. They eagerly explored the vast exhibits, marvelling at the impressive collection of historic aircraft that filled the halls. From iconic Spitfires to mighty Lancaster bombers, the children were captivated by the engineering marvels that once soared through the skies.

In addition to the awe-inspiring planes, they also delved into the stories behind each aircraft, learning about the courageous pilots who flew them and the pivotal roles these planes played during times of conflict. The children then took part in an engaging workshop focused on ‘The Blitz’, a period that reshaped the history of London. Immersed in the topic, they examined artefacts that survived the bombings, gaining a tangible connection to the past.

The workshop was a memorable experience as the children had the chance to try on air raid warden outfits, stepping into the shoes of the brave individuals who safeguarded their communities during those dark times.

This enriching trip left a lasting impression on the Year 6 students, igniting a passion for history and inspiring them to learn more about the heroic efforts of so many brave individuals.