Year 4 Weekly Update – 31st March 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have come to the end of another term in Year 4! We have been so impressed with all the lovely work Year 4 have completed throughout this topic. From the teachers of year 4, we wish you all a wonderful break. Please find below some end of term messages/ work to complete over the Easter Holidays:

Times Tables: There will be a tournament between 4S and 4B during the Easter Holiday’s with the winners earning an extra break time. Attached is the next section of MTC questions to print at home if you are able.

Upcoming Art Project: Next term we will be learning embroidery, for this we are looking for coloured thread/ wool. If you have some spare at home we would be most grateful for any donations!

Spelling Words to Practice:  There will be no spelling words over the Easter Holiday’s. The first Spelling Assessment will take place the second week of Summer 1

New topic: Our next topic is going to be ‘1066’ we will be learning about the Norman invasion and succession crisis of 1066. Year 4 will discover the wonders of the Bayeux tapestry and plan the most effective ways of creating a Norman helmet in DT! Please find the knowledge organiser for this topic attached to the email.

Kind Regards,

Miss Bonfield and Mrs. Santangelo