Year 2 Weekly Update – 17/03/23

Dear Parents,

We wanted to let you know that we have taken the difficult decision to strike on Wednesday and Thursday. We have taken this decision because school budgets are decreasing. This amounts to less resources in the classroom and fewer staff. We believe that your children deserve better and that is why we have made this decision. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Home Learning
Next week, Year 2 will be recapping using apostrophes to contract words and to show possession:
Common Exception Words:


  • We are in need soil donations for our upcoming Science lessons, if you could help us with this, we would be very grateful!
  • Please continue to record the name of your child’s Library book in their Reading Record.

Please find attached the French Knowledge Organiser for this half term from Madame Reeve.

This week we are celebrating British Science Week! The children’s learning throughout this week will be themed around ‘Connections’. We will be exploring a range of STEM topics through planned workshops.  

Science: In class the children were introduced to our new Science topic ‘Plants’. They have been introduced to seeds and bulbs and had the opportunity to identify the differences and similarities between the seeds and bulbs they could see. Their Mission Assignment was then to dissect a selection of seeds and bulbs and observe them with a magnifying glass. The children then drew the inside of a seed and a bulb. Using this knowledge, will support the children in the next lesson, where the children will need to apply their knowledge of bulbs and seeds to set up an investigation. What do plants need to grow and stay healthy?

The children have also learnt about famous botanists this week, including Carl Linnaeus, George Washington Carver, Marie Clark Taylor and Agnes Arber. They learnt about their important discovers and contributions to science and why botany is an important field of study. The children created their own fact files about their favourite scientist.

Forest School: We had a special Science Week session in Forest School this week. The children were given the opportunity to identify the impact human actions have on wildlife.

RE: This week in R.E the children have been learning about how the readings are an important part of the mass. We have talked about how to listen carefully during these and listen out for the important message. We have practised this in class and thought about how to carry out this message in our own lives.  

Kind Regards,

Miss Fielden, Mrs. Fraser and Mrs. Whyatt