NSPCC Number Day – 03/02/23  

Children throughout the school had a wonderful Number Day today! Every child was able to share their number with their class and explain why they chose their number. E.g. I chose the number 3 because I am the third child in my family. I chose the number 10 million because it is my age multiplied by 1 million (my age is 10). I chose the number 21 because it is my age, my sisters age and my dogs age added altogether.   


Here are some of the activities that took place across the school today:   

Children completed a bingo game, using a variety of different Maths strategies to calculate the numbers. Children went on a number hunt to find Buddy the alien! The children had various number problems that they had to figure out that gave them clues to the location of parts of a key. Children had a great time puzzling out the clues with their talk partners and finding the hidden pieces of the key around the classroom. Children went outside and organised themselves depending on different criteria according to the number that they had, e.g. ascending, descending order, numbers bigger than 12, numbers smaller than 38. Children were given clues about a number that was in a golden envelope and they then had to guess the number. Finally, Key Stage 2 children took part in a friendly TT Rockstars competition that involved schools in the United Kingdom.  The competition will finish at 7.30pm tonight, children can still take part!