Year 6 Weekly Update – 21/10/22

Dear parents/carers,


We had a great end to our first half-term in Year 6. We  would like to thank all of those parents that offered their time to support our Mexican cooking workshop. The children have worked very hard during our first half term and they should be very proud of themselves. 

The learning for this week is:

Maths: To understand long division, to understand long division with remainders and to solve problems with division.

RE: To understand what justice is and recognise how others’ decisions are informed by belief and moral values.

English: To use a range of sources to find the definitions of key terminology to explain Darwin’s theory of ‘Natural Selection’. 

PSHE: To continue to understand how to deal with conflicts and pressure. 

Science: To explain how inherited characteristics can lead to variation

Computing: To select, use and combine a variety of software to meet a goal 

Spellings: Words ending in -cial and -tial : Official, commercial, glacial, Special,  facial, social, artificial, financial, racial, partial, confidential, essential, influential, substantial, torrential, residential,  preferential, quintessential

Just a reminder:

-you should have received your child’s SATs scores on Friday 21st October so please can you check with your child to ensure that they have shared their scores with you. 

– you will have received a letter regarding a trip to Kidzania. This is available to pay on Parent Pay and the new price is £9.45. Please let the office know if you are available to help.

 Thank you for your continued support,

Year 6 Team