Year 2 Weekly Update – 08/07/22

Dear parents,
Thanks so much for sending in all of the resources for our Design and Technology project. We have lots of resources now and are excited to make our balloon-powered cars tomorrow. 
This week in English we are looking at how to write a set of instructions. We will be writing instructions on how to make a balloon-powered car.
In Maths the children have been learning how to make and describe patterns involving shapes. Tomorrow they will begin their new topic of measurement. They will be learning how to compare mass and how to measure objects in grams.
In science the children have been learning about animals. They have learnt about the different classifications of animals – birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians and fish. They have also been learning to match animals to their offspring.
Home Learning for this Week
For spellings please help your child to learn the following words for our test next Tuesday:
Thanks for your support.
Best wishes,
Mrs. Whyatt and Miss Fielden