Reception Weekly Update

RG went on a visit to Barnet library. Now, all of the children in RG are members of Barnet library. The children learnt that they can take out up to 15 books, as well as borrow DVDs. The children also had a look at the 4 computers in the children’s library which are free to use.

Thank you so much to the parent who came with us. Trips are such a great learning experience and we cannot do without your support.

RN led the prayer service on Thursday. They told KS1 and their parents about their RE learning including the ‘Wedding at Cana’ and the beginning of lent. The children spoke loudly and clearly and sang beautifully.

As part of our literacy this week we looked at the book ‘Mr Wolf’s pancakes’. It inspired us to write a list of the ingredients for pancakes. We did actually make pancakes as they were on the menu for lunch. Lots of the children had pancakes at home and put some great photos on tapestry. We have printed lots of the photos and have added them to our RE display in class.

Father James and Father John visited Reception class on  Ash Wednesday. The children were prepared for the visit in the morning… we looked at a power point and had a discussion about the ashes.   We have started our new RE topic ‘sorrow and joy.’ The Lenten packs will go home with a different child each day.

In mathematics we have been learning about height, weight and measurement. The children organised themselves into order according to height. They have been encouraged to use the language tall, short, taller than and shorter than.

We have continued with phase 3 phonics and looked at the digraphs OW, OI and the trigraphs EAR and AIR. I have added the letters and sound link for your reference.