Nursery Weekly Update

This week we have been using our phonic knowledge to write some Christmas cards. We have practised writing ‘To’ and ‘From’ and our names. We have also sounded out ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ and had a go at writing those too. We designed some of our own Christmas cards, and have been really improving our scissor skills as we have cut out paper to collage them with.
 In maths we have been talking about the shapes of different objects. We have been looking for different shapes around the classroom, and talking about the similarities and differences between different shapes. We have been measuring our buildings, and seeing who can make the tallest and widest buildings with the wooden blocks. Outside we have been making lots of different constructions, but mostly we have been building Santa’s sleigh!
We had our Advent service on Monday, and listened beautifully to the Gospel readings. We sang two songs about Advent, and Miss Pavlou and Mrs Ainger were blown away by our singing. We have been rehearsing for our Christmas concert, and practising our lines. We can’t wait for you to see it!
We have talked about the election this week and voting. The children have been using the book polling station at school to vote for which stories they want to hear at the end of the day. We had an experiment where only a few people voted for the book, and others were not allowed to vote. The children decided that this was very unfair and everyone should be allowed to have one vote each. We voted again with everyone, and the children were much happier about the outcome of the election!
Don’t forget to bring your book bags in on Mondays and Thursdays so that you can have your book swap