Speaking French at Home

Speaking French at home with you, will give your children’s French lessons much more meaning and the chance to practise what they have learned. From Year 3 up we often play verbal “ping-pong” where with talk partners the children practise taking turns to count, say the days of the week or months of the year. Why not have a go with your child? If you don’t know the words ask them- they might just be able to teach you which will boost their confidence. If they have forgotten you can check out the websites below or look at Alain Le lait on You Tube for catchy songs on les nombres, les jours de la semaine or les mois. Have fun!

Year 4 have been learning to read the story of “L’echarpe la Plus Longue du Monde” in which Grandmere Denise knits a scarf for a whole week using different colour wool each day. On Sunday, the last day, there is no wool left and she says the phrase “quelle dommage!”  (French for “what a pity!”). The children have been challenged to use this phrase at homeas well as in school. If you haven’t heard them say it, why not surprise them by saying it to them at an appropriate moment. Next week the children will begin to write their own version of the story incorporating zoo animals.