Rights Respecting Schools

The Year 6 Ambassadors met this week to look at the draft leaflets we had designed. We made some changes to the text and colours used. We are now going to ask all the RRS Ambassadors to share this with their class to gather their opinions and suggestions before we share this with our staff, our RRS parent representatives and governors.

We will email our draft to you and welcome any comments and suggestions.

Global Learning :  Letters to Theresa Villiers

As part of the Science week the year 4 children wrote letters to Theresa Villiers about  pollution in our world, especially our seas and oceans.  Here is an example of the message they sent on behalf of the school community.

Dear Theresa Villiers,

I am writing to inform you that the plastic in our seas and oceans is undeniably far too much! In my class we have been learning about how plastic is invading our beloved oceans. We have to take responsibility and take action instantly. We cannot let the marine animals continue to be killed or they will become extinct. As plastic is biodegradable I feel there should be a ban on plastic food and drink packaging.  We must do something now! What is your opinion on this? What is Barnet Council doing about this? (year 4)

Pollutants in the school environment

The Year 4 children carried out their experiment and concluded that the areas with the highest pollutants were those found by the main road due to the heavy traffic. Many of the children predicted this.