Rights Respecting School

On Thursday we welcomed two teachers from St Rose’s Infant School. Our year 6 RRS Ambassadors gave them a tour of the school . They were very interested in our journey towards the ‘Gold Award’.

We are also looking forward to going to Martins school in January to talk about our schools and compare the things we are doing as a ’Rights Respecting School’.

Global Learning: GLOBAL GOAL 11

Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

As members of the Barnet Community we need to think about many key issues including-

Are you close to healthcare?

Can your children walk to school safely?

Can you walk with your family at night?

How far is the nearest public transport?

What’s the air quality like?

What are your shared public spaces like?

As a school community we are aware that the better the conditions we create in our community, the greater the effect on the quality of our life. It is so important that we all work together to achieve this goal.