Rights Respecting Ambassadors

It was a pleasure to meet with our Year 6 rights Respecting Ambassadors this week to thank them for all their hard work over the last 2 years.  Read below their thoughts on this wonderful experience.

“I was honoured to be a part of the RRS Ambassador group. I am passionate about every child having these rights no matter where they live.  I have enjoyed the experience of working alongside other RRS Ambassadors. I felt so happy for our school community when we received the Gold Award . We show our rights in our learning and playing and we are a caring school.” Isabella Gunzi 6C

“it has become more recognised as a school that we are equal and that everyone has the same rights. I felt so happy when we received the Gold Award. The hard work getting to Level 1  and then the Gold Award ! Now we are helping other schools.” Callum Lonegan

“I have greatly enjoyed it. It is interesting to learn about other children. I enjoyed visiting other schools and to see other schools doing this too. I felt all our hard work came to something when we received the Gold Award. It helped me to really understand that every child in our world has these rights from the day they are born.” Lily Freeman  6V

“I think starting RRS was good for St Catherine’s to help others and to learn at the same time. It helped us to get the Gold Award. When we found out we were very proud of ourselves. I liked how we worked together and had the opportunity to work with other children.” Anna Bryce

“ When we got the  gold we felt very proud. We achieved this for St Catherine’s. I enjoyed working with other schools and  we are grateful for their help. I have learnt there are rights for ALL children but sadly not all children get them.” Niamh Guthrie

“I really enjoyed working with new people. I liked learning about  Rights Respecting and how it helps children all around the world. I know that I have a voice, I can speak out and I can change a lot of things. Sometimes some children’s rights not respected and UNICEF are trying to change this. I felt happy and honoured when we were told we had been awarded the Gold Award. “Abigail Adan