Rights Respecting Ambassadors visit Brettenham

We had the most amazing visit to Brettenham on Tuesday. The Years 3-5 Rights Respecting Ambassadors had a tour of the school and then made a lovely display using biscuits, icing sugar and cake toppings  of our school names to demonstrate our partnership. Naturally it would be rude to waste food so they ate them!!!!

The children wrote a report which we have emailed to Mrs Brown and the ambassadors.

“ One of the highlights of our visit was the tour around the school because we got to see all the artwork and the classrooms. We also enjoyed decorating the  biscuits and spelling out St Catherine’s and Brettenham.  We hope we can use some of the displays they had because they were so colourful.” Gabriel and Charotte 5M

“I enjoyed all the art work and mosaics around the school. I liked the multi-coloured stairs– dark blue going up and light blue coming down. I liked the pictures from the Olympics. I liked watching the year 6 play ‘Macbeth’.  They all contributed so well.  The RRS Ambassadors knew a lot about their school and they wee willing to share that with us.’ Kimmianne 5S