Rights Respecting Schools—meeting with Governors

Meeting with Governors

The Rights Respecting Ambassadors met with some of our school governors last week.  They discussed their learning and what they enjoyed about their Religious Education lessons. The children loved  writing about Jesus through poetry, prayer, research, extended writing and also enjoyed the opportunity of  working with their talk partners as they do in other lessons.

They discussed  a wide variety of other topics such as behaviour, supporting charities , promoting equality , what a ‘Rights Respecting School’ looks like and where we could find evidence to support this.

The governors were extremely impressed with the children and thanked them for their hard work.

Global Learning  Year 4 display

Year 4 display centers on Global Goal 14.  Our  oceans provide key natural resources including foods, medicines, biofuels and other products.  They help with the breakdown  and removal of waste and pollution.

Year 4 is asking us to eliminate plastic usage as much as possible and  keep our beaches clean. Most importantly we  can spread the message about how important marine life is and why we need to protect it.

Thank you to 4H and 4D for making us aware of this very important issue facing our world today.