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Excellent E-Safety Expert Talk

Excellent E-Safety Expert Talk

Thank you so much to all the parents who attended our talk this Thursday. We had the best ever turnout recorded for E-Safety at St. Catherine’s, with about 75 parents attending! This really highlights the fantastic partnership that we are forming between our school and our parents. If you wanted to follow up on some of the advice given, or didn’t get a chance to attend the talk, then don’t worry. All the details from the talk will be uploaded in the next couple of days to the school’s E-Safety page. Click on the link below to find these details.

Josh David and Kate Alexander

E-Safety – Youtube crazy!

E-Safety – Youtube crazy!
It seems that youtube is a favourite with our children, their generation and the entire world. Youtube is now the number one video sharing platform, and has over 75 hours of video uploaded to it every minute. This isn’t surprising, as it is an incredible resource, not only for providing kids with entertainment, but also for providing educational resources. However, there is a downside, and it’s a big one. If not properly monitored and protected, the children will be allowed to access any video they like, of which there are many with offensive and entirely inappropriate content for adults, let alone children. Therefore, make sure you access the link below, and check out how to make youtube safe for your children.
DON’T FORGET – Get yourself down to our internet safety talk, delivered by an industry expert, which is taking place on Thursday 29th January, from 9-10am in our school’s main hall.
Josh David and Kate Alexander

E-Safety – David Cameron is fighting for a safer internet.

David Cameron: Fighting for a Safer Internet
David Cameron spoke of his fears and concerns about the internet last week, as he launched an international campaign to raise awareness about E-Safety. He has stated that he is dedicated to establishing a ‘safer internet’ and will work together with policy makers and industry experts ‘to establish world-leading resources for parents which are effectively sign-posted’. Click on the link below to have a read of the Telegraph’s article in full.
Watch this space!
Josh David and Kate Alexander

E-Safety – 6D and 5C working togethor to create an E-Safe Learning Environment!

This week 6D and 5C worked together to share some of what we have learnt about E-Safety this term. 6D made E-Safety leaflets on Social Networking and 5C made E-Safety leaflets on Cyber Bullying. We worked together to share what we had learnt. The children have really enjoyed learning about E-Safety this term.

E-Safety – All I want for Christmas is…

All I want for Christmas is…
With so many computing devices on our children’s wish-lists this Christmas, I cannot stress how important ensuring their safety on these devices is. Setting up parental controls on devices can often seem like a daunting and overly technical task. ‘KidSmart’ have published a simple, clear, concise and extremely helpful guide for parents to use, to help them set these parental controls. With just one click, you can learn how to ensure your child’s safety on a range of devices, including; blackberrys, I-Phones/I-Pads, playstations, Nintendos and X-Boxes.
Make this top of your wish-list this Christmas, and help your children to be E-Safe!
Josh David and Kate Alexander

E-Safety – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….
With a huge number of children either having an I-Pad on their wish-list, or already owning one, the importance of ensuring your child’s safety on this device has never been more imperative. Follow this easy guide made by apple, and tailor your I-Pad to ensure your child can enjoy the internet whilst guaranteeing their safety.
Josh David and Kate Alexander

Year 5 – Cyber Bullying

  • E-Safety - Cyber Bullying
Year 5 have been extremely busy over the festive period,  learning about how to prevent and report cyber bullying.

They have produced fantastic and informative posters, detailing all the great information they have learnt, and have stuck these all around the school, to help inform other children.

Thank you for all your hard work year 5!

E-Safety – Apple Apps

Apple Apps – which apps are useful and which aren’t?
There were more than 48,000 apps downloaded to an apple device every minute last year, and this figure is ever increasing. From Angry Birds to Temple Run, children and parents alike seem to be going mad for these apps. But are apps simply just all about games? Are all apps safe? Are there more beneficial educational apps, which can be a positive influence on your child’s learning?
For more information on excellent educational apps, please visit the site:

E-Safety – ‘Know it all’

E-Safety – ‘Know it all’
Do you ever feel like you’re not sure about the best way to ensure your child’s safety online? Do you ever feel like you could do with a helping hand to make sure your child is using the internet safely? Well thankfully, ‘know it all’ (a resource centre from Child-net) have set up a unique, interactive E-Safety guide for parents. Watch the video below and you will soon become a ‘know it all’ with E-Safety.
Josh David and Kate Alexander

Calling all parents – E-Safety Expert Talk!

E-Safety Expert Talk
Internet safety has never been of such paramount importance as it is today. As Ofsted state; ‘technology offers unimaginable opportunities and is constantly evolving. Access is becoming universal and increasingly more mobile, and pupils are using technology at an even earlier age’. As a school, we have decided that we need to form a strong bond between parents and teachers, to ensure that our children are safe at all times when online. I have therefore arranged to hold a talk, on THURSDAY 29th JANUARY at 9:00 – 10:00am, in the school hall. This talk will be led by an internet safety expert, who helps support parents and schools to ensure the best possible safety for their children. It would be of real benefit to you, your child and your child’s school if you could find a way to attend this E-Safety talk. The aim of the talk is to provide parents with a bit of guidance to help keep their children safe online, and to also highlight the often un-known dangers that your children face online with everyday normal internet use. Please do try and attend this talk, the more parents the better. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.
Josh David and Kate Alexander.

E-Safety – Parental Controls for XBox and Playstation

Parental Controls
Does your child have access to an Xbox or Playstation? Does your child ever play on these consoles with a friend? Did you know that these consoles can connect to the internet? The web-links below offer outstanding and very simple support for parents, enabling you to set parental controls on a Playstation or an Xbox. I strongly recommend that all parents have a read through these parental controls, and set them immediately on their children’s consoles. This is a really simple, time effective and cost-free way to ensure your child’s safety online. What more could you want? – Xbox Parental controls – Playstation Parental controls
Josh David and Kate Alexander.