Y1- Design &Technology and Science

As designers the children learnt how to use appropriate tools to make a clay model of an animal. The children looked at pictures of amphibians and reptiles; they were to observe the structure of their bodies to help them create their models.  We then compared the structures of different types of animals explaining the similarities and differences between them.



Year 4 – Inspired by Picasso

This week we looked at the Cubist artist Pablo Picasso, particularly his portraits. We looked at some examples of his work and discussed how he achieved his unusual, yet beautiful, techniques. We found that by drawing a half a face front-on and half a face side-on (or portrait) we could achieve a similar effect. We then used a wide array of colors in blocks to finish our work.


Year 1 – Pentecost.

In RE this week, the children have been learning the story of when Jesus came to the Disciples as the Holy Spirit. We talked about what it must have felt like to be in the room when it came and why the Disciples spoke different languages to help spread the word of Jesus.  To help them develop their learning, they rolled played the story and then painted pictures of when the Holy Spirit came.

Year 1 – Numeracy – Measuring

To help the children develop a better understating of measuring the mass of an object, the children made fairy cakes by measuring out the different ingredients using balance scales. They had to place the correct amount of grams in one side of the scales then made sure the other side used filled with the ingredients so that the scales were balanced.

Year 4 – Cake Days

Last Thursday we had the most fantastic day making iced biscuits! We’d worked in teams of six to measure our ingredients, mix them into a dough and cut out shapes, which were then baked in the oven. In the afternoon we made icing for our biscuits and covered them in hundreds and thousands! Many of us ate them in class but some of us also took some home for our families.

On Tuesday we wrote our instructions for making the biscuits using time connectives, adverbs and imperative verbs to help us.


Year 1 – Art Starry Night

The children learnt about the world famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. They learnt about his life and where is brought up and how he moved to France. As a class we looked at the painting Starry Night and how he made it using thick paint. We also looked at the different colours used and how the painting looks like it is moving because of the swirls. The children then created their own version of the painting using paint mixed with flour to make it think. The children had to make sure they used different shades of blue and make the stars swirl.


Nursery – Outside!

We have had lots of fun exploring our outside environment this week! Take a look…

We are growing in confidence and skill every day. We continue to practise building, balancing, digging, washing, cooking, role-playing, drawing, writing and reading to name but a few. We also worked hard to create an outside Prayer Station for us to use during Lent. We explore the natural objects inside the Station, our CAFOD alphabet and enjoy the quiet time to think and pray during this special time.

What is your favourite outside activity at Nursery?

Year 6 – Mexican Masks for Dia de los Muertos

In Year 6 our new topic is Mexico. In class we have made masks for Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead). This is a festival celebrated in Mexico on 1st and 2nd November, where people honour the dead with festivals and lively celebrations.

We looked closely at designs and patterns used to decorate skulls on the Day of the Dead. We then carefully painted a design onto a paper mache skull that we made.

Nursery – Down at the Station…

This week we have been learning more about trains. We shared our own experiences of travelling on trains and listened to different stories about tran rides.

Our poem this week is ‘Down at the Station’ which you can enjoy at home by following the link below:


We decided to make our own red, green and blue trains using squares, rectangles and circles. We talked about what we noticed about these shapes and assigned a number to our trains once they were finished.

We developed our fine motor skills by threading wool in and out of cardboard trains. Then we used our trains to engage in imaginative role-play, filling them up with passengers and taking them on amazing journeys! Enjoy sharing these amazing journeys at home with your families this weekend.