Parent talk

Time: 1.50pm to 3.10pm

Session 1 – Friday, 13th January

Session 2 – Friday, 20th January

Session 3 – Friday, 27th January

Session 4 – Friday, 3rd February

Session 5 – Friday, 10th February

Session 6 – Friday, 24th February


Resilient families develop their own words and phrases to help each other get through the inevitable tough times that each person experiences. The language of resilience generally refers to coping strategies such as empathy, humour and acceptance.

Here are 10 phrases you hear in resilient families: are you using them?

Ellie Carruthers – PSHE Lead

PSHE – Parent Talk

I am thrilled to announce that I will be hosting a series of parent sessions at St Catherine’s every Friday from 1:40- 3:10. Parentalk will give time for us parents to discuss one of life’s biggest challenges- being a parent! The sessions aim to provide common sense, jargon-free information and ideas to help us to engage with our children and boost our relationships even more with them, over a nice cup of tea and homemade cakes if anyone’s offering!

Please see the flyer attached and watch this short video explaining more about the DVD course.

If you are interested in joining me on a Friday afternoon please email the office to let us know so we have an idea of numbers.

Mrs Ellie Carruthers


As you may be aware this week has been Anti bullying week. As a school, we have raised awareness through numerous activities including assemblies, staff dress up and in class PSHE lessons, where we have discussed being every day super heroes to combat bullying.

We have talked in detail about the exact definition of bullying. You may want to discuss this further with your child. Here is a grid to support your discussion which makes clear the differences between being rude, mean and actual bullying.


As a parent you may have concerns about your child, whether it be them witnessing bullying, experiencing bullying or even administering bullying.

The link below provides a guide which includes advice on supporting your child with bullying issues, information on bullying and the law, and guidance on how best to respond to an incident of bullying.

Ellie Carruthers, PSHE Coordinator

Year 6 – Great learning!

Just wanted to share some great learning that has been going on in Year 6. Collaborative learning. Snowballing (planning a story by adding a new line each time a ‘snowball’ piece of paper is caught by the children!).

Year 6 – Junior Citizen

Year 6 had a great time at the Junior Citizen event in June. They learnt about the dangers of knife crime, through an informative and entertaining drama performance. Other activities were: CPR with the London Ambulance Service, what to do if their is a fire at their home with the London Fire Brigade, stranger danger with the Police and safe travelling with TfL. This is always and valuable and enjoyable experience for the children and we hope that the information given to them will help with their transition to secondary school.

Reception & KS1 – Wear It Wild Day!

Thank You very generous contribution to WWF- World Environment Day!

In Key Stage 1 the children made animal masks of animals that are becoming endangered around the World. In Reception the children had a ‘whale’ of a time, dressing up as different animals.

The children discussed why animals are becoming endangered and the reasons for it. The classes talked about celebrating this day as a way of raising awareness to others about the problems that are happening in our world today.


Year 1 – Our mystery Brazillian Visitor ‘Oi!’

Year 1 were really lucky to have Mrs Tempestini visit year 1 to share her Brazillian experiences. The children were taught a lot about the types of animals that can be found in Brazil, they were taught the song ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Brazillian’. The children were really lucky to try a special brazillian treat at the end of the day!


IMG_1119 IMG_1124

Here are some Brazillian facts:

Brazil is the largest country in South Ameria
The population holds 200 million people.
It takes 12 hours to fly from the UK to Brazil.
In Brazil, the people speak portuguese.
The Anaconda is the biggest snake in the world and can be found in the Amazon River
The River Nile is the first biggest river followed by the Amazon River.

Year 1 – Re

In RE this week we shared ‘The Good Samaritan’ story with the children. We made connections to the story of how Jesus chose his disciples and the qualities of those he chose. In comparison to the passers by in ‘The Good Samaritan’ and how they chose to walk past the man in the street without offering him any help. We talked about how the man would have felt, and what the passers by could have done differently.


As a class we role-played this story in small groups taking on the roles of the characters. We did some ‘hot seating’ to interview the man who had fallen and was robbed in the street to find out how he truly felt.


IMG_1207 IMG_1208 IMG_1209