Year 6 Victoria Day

This week the children in Year 6 came to school dressed as Victorians and they spent the morning in a Victorian school room with a Victorian teacher named Master Grey. The children were fully engaged in their learning and they had to greet their teacher by either bowing or curtsying as they entered the room and then standing behind their chairs, waiting to be seated once the register had been called.
The children also enjoyed writing on slates and using nib pens and ink to write on paper. Throughout the morning, they took part in a Spellings lesson, a Mathematics lesson and they even recited a morning prayer.
During the afternoon, they got to explore the artefacts in the museum and they had to guess what they were used for. Firm favourites were the jumping rope, hoop and stick and the quoit games. They also enjoyed making their own Victorian games such as the cup and ball and a Thaumatrope!
The whole day, from start to finish, was brilliant and the children really immersed themselves into the experience of what life as a Victorian child was like!