Y6 Mexican Cooking Workshops

On Wednesday, Year 6 had a wonderful cooking workshop where we made a delectable meal of nachos with a great guacamole and soft salsa. This delicious treat was completed with a beautiful beverage of fruity watermelon. We had this opportunity because of our current topic (Hola Mexico) with this Mexican feast enjoyed by everyone. Even though some were nervous about some of the foods on offer, everybody certainly had a joyful time trying a range of foods from a different culture. The watermelon juice was made with cantaloupe and watermelon, with a tiny dab of lemon juice, water finishing off the drink mixture with 2 teaspoons of sugar. All of the children were animated and loved the interactive element. Next, the guacamole, which was made with the flesh of an avocado, was combined with chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander and a splash of lime juice. Ava from 6S commented that it was an interesting way to use our independence and learn more about the culture of Mexico.

By Theo Kulich (6S)