Year 4 Weekly Update – 25th March 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,  

Thank you for your donations to our DT project, Year 4 have designed and created some wonderful Totem Poles! Please find below next week’s learning.    

Spellings:  This week we are learning to spell words with prefixes – ant and -inter.  intercept antibiotic interlock antisocial antidote  antifreeze  intertwine  interlope  interact  antihistamine 

Times tables: Please find some printables for you to access at home attached to this email. If you do not have access to a printer please continue to ensure your child is using both purple mash and TTRS at home. These tools are very beneficial in preparing your child for the MTC check.  

English: Next week we will be evaluating our learning so far this term. Children will read back through their English books and identify targets and achievements in preparation for next term.  

Maths:  This week we are continuing to focus on fractions and will be looking at equivalent fractions on a number line and equivalent fractions families. 

Science: Next week in Science we will be learning about insulators and conductors, as well different types of circuits.  

RE:  Next week, children will be learning about what happened to Jesus on Good Friday and on Easter Sunday. Children will be incouraged to reflect on the importance of these events.


  • Next Friday is an early finish  
  • Please locate any Library books you have at home and ask your child to bring them back to school ASAP  
  • All library books to be returned on Monday.  Kind Regards,  Miss Bonfield and Mrs. Santangelo