Voices Foundation Partnership

We were incredibly fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with the Voices Foundation last year. Their specialist advisory teacher, Carole Kendall, has helped introduce a tailored curriculum and scheme of work, whilst building on the pedagogy of all our fantastic teachers.

Our curriculum puts understanding music through our bodies – primarily through singing – at the heart of what we do. The aim is to develop children with critical musicianship skills, which enable them to engage with all aspects of this diverse subject on a deeper level; through performing, composing, listening and discussing music.

Whilst teachers give dedicated music lessons during their week, we are clear that the ‘little and often’ approach to developing these skills yields the best results. As such, both KS1 and 2 have a 30mins singing assembly each week, and our teachers find creative ways to make links to other subject areas – it would not be unusual to find our french lessons taught through song or computer programming being taught through composing a drum beat!


Our aims

  1. To develop the children’s ability to sing confidently together and individually with accurate pitching and intonation, and expression
  2. Introduce children to controlling and performing using instruments
  3. Develop a strong sense of pitch and rhythm
  4. Expose children to a wide range of styles and forms of music.
  5. Create a descriptive and analytical vocabulary for discussing and interpreting music.

After half term these aims will be developed through learning rehearsing songs and pieces for performance in their end of term Christmas Show.


Our aims:

  1. All children will have had the opportunity to learn an instrument by the end of the key stage.:
    Year 3 will be learning the recorder this year.
    Year 4 through our partnership with Barnet Education Arts Trust (BEAT) will be learning the clarinet – 4D’A and 4D Term 1, and 4Y Term 2.
  2. Children will a clear understanding of how to use their voice to sing and perform expressively both in groups and individually.
    Singing in Unison
    Performing rounds and canons
    Singing works written in two or more independent parts.
  3. Can compose pieces using a range of techniques and for different purposes:
    Using original material or pieces from our song repertoire to build up motifs, cyclic patterns and ostinati.
    Structuring music into contrasting sections.
    Exploring using language and verse.
    Combining appropriate melodic shapes using a tone set to create a mode.
    Using regular meter.
  4. All children will have a working knowledge of stick notation and rhythm sol-fa as a working tool for performance.
  5. Children will be able to respond analytically and discuss music we listen to using an appropriate vocabulary for:
  6. By the end of key stage children will be familiar with, and developed an understanding of, a range of different historical and socio-cultural styles of music.

Peripatetic Lessons

All Enquiries should be Directed to:


This account is not monitored daily. Waiting lists for prospective students will be created based on enquires/requests sent. We will contact you when a space become available.

St Catherine’s currently provides individual tuition in a variety of musical instruments. Tutors are supplied by the Barnet Education Arts Trust and run in conjunction with all the additional ensembles and music centres across the Borough. Currently there are teachers in school available for the following instruments:

Woodwind Flute Clarinet Bassoon Saxophone Oboe Recorder Mrs Boden and Mr Bell
Strings Violin Mrs Pace
Keyboard Piano Mr Nicholl
Brass Trumpet Trombone Mr Taylor
Drum Kit and Percussion

The school has recently purchased a quality electric drum kit which is already being used in our orchestra rehearsals. Any students in KS2 upwards who would like to learn the drum kit should send and email to music@stcatherines.barnetmail.net. We will start a waiting list and However, as there is currently no teacher in school a waiting list will have to be compiled until sufficient hours of teaching are reached to supply a one.

Individual lessons are offered in blocks of 10 lessons per term at the following times and prices per term.

30 mins 20 mins 15 mins
 Individual £195.00 £130 £97.50
 Shared between 2 £97.50 £65 N/A
 Shared between 4 £48.75 N/A N/A

Lessons are paid directly through ParentPay and must be paid before the advertised deadline:

For Spring 2017 – 1st 0f December 2016

For Summer 2017 – 1st of March 2017

For Autumn 2017 – 15th June 2017