Online Safety 10/07/24 – Palworld

Palworld was released in January and  made quite an impact on the gaming world, selling over five million copies within just three days. This game shares some similarities with and would appeal to those who are fans of Minecraft. However, despite its lower age rating and appeal to younger gamers, Palworld has faced some criticism.
Firstly, criticism for its use of shock humour, touching on sensitive topics such as animal abuse and slavery. Due to its online multiplayer feature allowing up to 32 players, some of whom may be unknown to the host, safety concerns may arise. Furthermore, the game includes explicit language, some violence, and content that could be considered suggestive or inappropriate for the intended age group.
To safeguard your child’s online experience, it is advisable for parents and carers to try and gain a better understanding of the mechanics of the game. You could do this by reading reviews or engaging in gameplay sessions with your children. It is also important to encourage children to only play on servers restricted to known friends to minimise potential risks and ensure a safer gaming environment. Your proactive involvement and awareness can help create a secure digital space for your child.