Year 5 in Tudor England Day

On Monday, children in Year 5 excitedly participated in ‘A life in Tudor England day.’ The children experienced life as it would have been during Tudor times under the reign of Henry VIII.  Children happily spent the morning in character exploring different work stations, e.g. limning (painting lockets), ink making and writing with quills, making soap, sewing, making leather book marks, scent bag making, candle making.  The children were very excited to take the items that they had made home.
In the afternoon, children participated in a Tudor feast in the banquet hall!  Children enthusiastically sang a song, shared a beautiful dance, acted out a play, and entertained us with juggling! We ate exquisite food and drank ‘wine.’ All of this was made possible by the support of the parents that came in to help on the day, by parents encouraging their children to wear a costume and undoubtedly by the commitment and eagerness from the children to fully immerse themselves in character for the day!