Netball v Danegrove

Confidence was high after two recent wins under our belt. Tactics and set plays, coached by Miss Sonenfeld and Ms Groom, were embedded in the minds of the team and we were ready to go! An away match always has an element of uncertainty about it, but the experienced Year 6 team of Toby, Jacob, Jack, Lyla, Millie, Grace & Sophie were unfazed. We arrived at Danegrove Primary School ready to go!

As the sound of the starting whistle pierced the East Barnet sky, followed by the cheers of encouragement from our travelling supporters, St Catherine’s was determined. The pace of the passing was rapid and play went from end to end very quickly, both teams missing a couple of chances in the early minutes of the match. The first quarter ended 1-0 to St Catherine’s, followed by 1-1 by the end of the second and 2-2 at the close of the third quarter. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife as the teams prepared to enter the final quarter of the match. With the final rotation of the squad and a successful scoring trio of Toby, Millie and Lyla the goals came quickly. The sound of the swishing net, as Toby scored another goal, was the last play of the game and the whistle ended the match 8-2 to St Catherine’s!

What a score! What a match! What a team!