Year 2 Weekly Update – 12/05/23

Dear Parents,
Please see below for this week’s Year 2 Weekly Update.
Home Learning
This week’s spellings are all Common Exception Words. This means that they cannot be spelt using typical phonics rules. Some of these words will have been taught earlier in the year, but please help your child to revise these words ready for a spelling assessment next week.

English: This week, we have begun to read the Night Pirates book. The children were asked to make predictions and inferences about what will happen in the story based on the title and the front cover. They wrote descriptions of the setting and the characters using expanded noun phrases (for example, the scared pirate) and compared their own bedrooms to the main character’s room using conjunctions such as but and however.

Maths: We have been answering a range of arithmetic and problem-solving style mathematical questions and discussing the most effective strategies when working each question out.

This week, we will be beginning our new Maths learning on ‘Shape’. We will start by recapping the children’s understanding of shape from Year 1, before learning about the properties of shapes. The children will need to be able to recognise and name both 2-D and 3-D shapes and differentiate between them. We will ensure that the children are given the chance to see and feel the shapes. By the end of the week the children should be able to recognise both standard and nonstandard representations of 2-D and 3-D shapes. For example, they should notice that there is no such thing as an ‘upside down triangle’; instead, it is just a triangle in a different orientation.

R.E: the children have continued to learn about the time, when Jesus visited the disciples after he had risen again and helped them to catch lots of fish. The children have retold the story in their own words, making sure to think about how the disciples felt at different parts of the story.

Week 4 Recognise 2D and 3D shapes

Kind Regards, 

Miss Fielden, Mrs. Fraser, Mrs. Whyatt