Online Safety – 09/05/23 – Smartwatches

Whilst smartwatches are not allowed in school, in recent years they have become a popular gift for children and many wear them in their free time. As with all technology, there are a number of pros and cons for smartwatches. One of the biggest cons is that smart watches can be very expensive and sometimes break easily. There are some cheap options available, however often the cheaper models deliver poor battery life and safety settings. For example there have been cases of cheaper brands being hacked to track or contact children. It is therefore recommended to always stick with known brands. As well as this, there are some settings that can be used on different models to support your child’s safety. On Apple Watches, you can select trusted contacts who are allowed to ring your child. On other brands, where you need to be connected to a phone, you can block contacts via the phone. Often smartwatches are used to track exercise and sleep, meaning they are worn 24/7. This can be useful motivation for individuals to adopt a healthier lifestyle, however it is important to limit screentime at bedtime in the same way you would with tablets are smartphones.  

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