Year 3 Weekly Update – 03/03/23

Dear Parents and Carers,
World Book Day – Today we have celebrated World Book Day with wonderful nature based creations from the children and a range of activities and lessons. The children have brought in incredible pictures, dioramas, and figures to represent characters from their favourite books. We also had an opportunity to choose new book in the book swap, a wonderful scheme which enabled all the children to choose a book from the huge variety kindly donated by the families of the school.
Focus: Prefixes  super-, auto-
Times tables
Please practise the 10, 5, 2, 3, 4 and 8 times tables.
The next Times tables Rockstars battle will be between 3B and 3G,  beginning on Thursday and ending next Thursday. We will give the certificates out for the top 3 players in each class during celebration assembly on Friday and hear which class has been victorious.
During maths this week, we will be consolidating our multiplication and division learning with assessments and learning about multiples of 10. Next week we will be moving on to column multiplication, 2 digits by 1 digit.
This week, we will be starting a scheme of work based on Ted Hughes’ ‘Iron Man’. The children will be creating a story mountain about their prediction for the end of the story and we will be ‘hot seating’ one of the characters in the story. Next week, we will start writing our predictive narratives.
This week, we will be learning to understand what happened at the Last Supper and to reflect on how the Mass makes this real for us. Next week we will start to learn about what happens at the beginning of mass and reflect about why we say sorry.
This week, we created pie charts and bar charts using a data set on Excel. Next week we will be learning about cell addresses by identifying cells on Excel using a Treasure hunt.
This half term we will use junk modelling resources as well as wooden dowels and wheels to make 3-D cars. Next week the children will start building their cars. All of the children will need a shoe box lid to make their cars. Please ensure that you have one for your child to start building next week. Please also send in whatever junk materials the children require to build their cars, for example bottle lids, yoghurt pots etc. Please do not buy any resources for this project, junk modelling will be sufficient. We will have paint and the usual art resources at school.
PSHE – This week, we will be recapping what makes a healthy diet and learning about the risks are of eating too much sugar. Next week we will be learning about proper dental hygiene.Kind regards,